Training Support

We support our clients with the provision of professional interpreters, role-players, injury actors, trainers and supervisors. We are using only own staff and can thus guarantee a consistently high quality of our employees.

The main task of our role players is to create a realistic training environment for the rotational unit. Educational goals range from conducting patrols to negotiations (Key Leader Engagements) up to riot control.

For international deployments, the foreign language poses a special challenge to the deployed units. Optimal preparation helps to overcome the language barrier. Optronic provides interpreters and language trainers with diverse language skills. In the past, we have provided interpreters with the following language skills:

  • German / English
  • Czech
  • Polish
  • Afghan (Pashtu / Dari)
  • Standard Arabic
  • Russian

Situations with injured persons represent an extreme stress situation for the persons involved. Our injured actors have many years of experience to bring the training unit to its limits and to optimally prepare for the emergency.

In addition to the role-players and interpreters, we also provide professional supervisors and trainers. These have many years of experience in the military training sector and support our customers in the implementation of a realistic training scenario.